100% Crystal Bracelet - Lemon Jade


Excl. BTW: €7,44

Excl. BTW:
Kristal Armband

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All beads are 100% real crystal. This is Lemon Jade.

You can also mix and match the basic bead crystal if you wish.
It is 24 beads with the choice of alloy round spacer, flower spacer or bells for free, for only 9 euros, you will get a beautiful 100% crystal bracelet.

Please remember crystals are products of nature, each piece is unique and might have imperfections. The actual size, color and patterns may vary vs. picture/measurements.

It is possible to make a customized bracelet. Send me an email (info@kawaii4u.nl) with your wishes and I will make a wonderful bracelet, unique only for you!
You can combine any basic bead of 8 mm. and 10 mm. together. The high quality beads have a different price range.
Also if you want a more luxurious bracelet with special charms or carvings the price may vary. Send me an email for more information or requests. heart

Crystals have many healing properties for the mind and body. I advise to Google a crystal to learn about what that crystal can do for you.
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