Robotime - DIY Music Box- Dream Series - Ocean Park


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Excl. BTW:
3D Puzzle

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Robotime - DIY Music Box- Dream Series - Ocean Park is a lovely and colorful Music Box. With enormous details (3D Puzzle).
Crafting this super cute Pinguin music box with your own hands. You will have a relaxing time finishing this artwork!

It is every miniature collector's dream.

Feel the sense of fulfillment: Have fun in every DIY crafting from coloring, stitching to assembling even re-decorating.
It needs patience and dexterity, but not hard!
Terrific Gift & Decor: A unique hands-on gift for any DIY lovers or any occasion like Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday.
Beautiful designs make it an artistic home decor when finished.
Get more ideas: If you have more creative DIY ideas to re-decorate the kit, do not hesitate to do it!
Add your special touch to the work always can be more fun.

Assembled Size: 125X110X164mm.
Includes: Kit accessories, some tools, clear English instructions.
Tunes: If I Stop Loving

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